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July 31, 2018

WVNews: The following state senators and representatives are ranked in order of productivity by chamber for their cumulative legislative achievements: Senator John Bonacic (R-NY) Senator Curt Bramble (R-UT) Senator Lonnie Randolph (D-IN) Senator Judy Lee (R-ND) Senator Jerry Hill (D-CA)…

July 30, 2018

Mercury News: “The governor’s plan is clearly a way for PG&E to be bailed out for future liabilities, and as we know, AB 33 is designed to bail out PG&E for last year’s illegal activities that started many of the October fires,” Sen. Hill said

July 28, 2018

Mercury News: PG&E is at it again, doing everything possible to shirk responsibility for its role in future disasters. CEO Geisha Williams on Thursday had the audacity to say that Gov. Jerry Brown’s new plan to deal with the wildfire liability issue isn’t good enough.

July 26, 2018

Mercury News: “We are hearing a level of desperation from PG&E leadership,” Hill said. “They know they are responsible for much of the fire damage and they desperately need to change the liability laws. PG&E won’t rest until it changes the laws it keeps breaking.”

July 25, 2018

Mercury News: With some apparent success, PG&E is attempting to arm-twist lawmakers to craft legislation to address the company’s past, present and potential future wildfire-related liabilities, said state Sen. Jerry Hill. “PG&E is using climate change as a bogeyman to scare lawmakers, clearly forgetting that climate change doesn’t start a fire. A spark ignites a fire. And so far, sparks produced by PG&E are much of what caused the North Bay wildfires.

July 24, 2018

Sacramento Bee: “Judges already have a good framework — it’s called the constitution,” said Sen. Jerry Hill, a San Mateo Democrat and fierce opponent of PG&E. “The only reason we’re having this conference committee is because PG&E wants to change the laws they keep breaking. The system is working today.”

July 24, 2018

Mercury News: “Utilities don’t like the courts to make them pay for fires that they start, so the utilities are trying to change the rules,” said state Sen. Jerry Hill, a frequent critic of PG&E’s blunders such as the shoddy maintenance and flawed record keeping that were key causes of a fatal explosion in San Bruno. “PG&E just wants to change the laws that they keep breaking.”

July 24, 2018

The Today Show: Brooke Adams is a 5-year-old girl with Dravet syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy for which she takes CBD oil, a derivative of the marijuana plant. Brooke is now entering kindergarten and her parents say she’d need to access her cannabis while in school – but state law in California, where the Adamses live, prohibits marijuana in public schools.

July 23, 2018

Daily Journal: For state Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, addressing threats to resident safety and availability of housing were a focus this year. In response to the challenges veterans across the state faces in securing housing, Hill crafted Senate Bill 1427, which would prevent veterans from being turned away by landlords on the basis of whether they receive a rental assistance voucher.

July 21, 2018

Daily Journal: Failure at the ballot box would invite more uncertainty, as officials acknowledge the mounting pressure placed on Brisbane to help build an adequate amount of housing to accommodate the regional imbalance of available jobs. To date, the largest squeeze on Brisbane was posed last year by draft legislation from state Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, aiming to push forward housing at the site. The bill was not formally introduced due to local officials’ willingness to consider the development proposal during a series of public hearings, which culminated at the most recent meeting